Recent Connectivity Repair / Callout at Wigton Farm: Ubiquiti and Managed UniFi Access Points

In the picturesque landscapes of Wigton, Cumbria, Cartcom’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art connectivity solutions was put to the test. Our latest project involved enhancing & Repairing the network infrastructure for a farm with an integrated holiday let/cottage, ensuring guests and operations could benefit from seamless internet access. The use of Ubiquiti products and Managed UniFi Access Points played a pivotal role in overcoming connectivity challenges, demonstrating the unparalleled benefits these technologies offer.

Project Overview: Addressing Connectivity at a Rural Farm

The task at hand was clear following a system check that revealed offline connectivity at crucial points within the property. Our objective was not only to restore the connection but to ensure it was robust and reliable for both the farm operations and the holiday let/cottage amenities.

Tailored Solutions for Rural Connectivity

Onsite Assessment and Immediate Actions

Our dedicated team, led by Lee, undertook an onsite visit on February 20, 2024, identifying key issues that required immediate attention:

  • Integration of a Non-Standard Router: The discovery of an alternative router initiated a swift reconfiguration of the IP range and subnet to harmonize with the existing network setup, highlighting the flexibility and adaptability of Ubiquiti products in diverse environments.
  • Strategic DHCP Allocation: Configuring the DHCP to start from was crucial for accommodating static IPs for the antennas, a testament to the sophisticated yet user-friendly management capabilities of Managed UniFi Access Points.
  • Resolution of Equipment Failures: The encountered issues with the POE switch and a non-responsive UniFi AP underscored the importance of reliable equipment in maintaining connectivity across extensive rural properties.

Ubiquiti and Managed UniFi Access Points: Enhancing Rural Connectivity

This project underscored the significance of choosing the right technology for rural settings, where connectivity challenges are unique. Ubiquiti’s products and Managed UniFi Access Points brought forth several benefits:

  • Reliability Across Vast Areas: Ubiquiti’s long-range networking solutions are ideal for sprawling properties, ensuring that every corner of the farm and holiday let/cottage remains connected.
  • Ease of Management and Expansion: The Managed UniFi Access Points facilitate effortless network management and scalability, allowing for future expansions or adjustments with minimal disruption.
  • Durable and Cost-Effective: Designed for durability, Ubiquiti’s solutions are an investment in continuous connectivity, crucial for the hospitality aspects of the holiday let/cottage and the operational efficiency of the farm.

Conclusion: A Future-Proof Solution for Wigton Farm

By addressing the immediate connectivity issues and planning for the installation of an additional UniFi AP antenna, Cartcom is not just restoring internet access but is enhancing the network infrastructure for the long term. Our work at the Wigton farm and holiday let/cottage is a prime example of how tailored, advanced solutions like Ubiquiti products and Managed UniFi Access Points can transform connectivity in rural settings, ensuring that both businesses and guests stay connected to what matters most.

Cartcom remains dedicated to leveraging the best of technology to solve complex connectivity challenges, particularly in the unique and demanding environments of rural Cumbria. Our journey at Wigton farm is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver reliable, efficient, and future-proof network solutions.

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