Gaming Computer Upgrade Callout in Brigham, Cockermouth

Successful Callout for Gaming Computer Upgrade in Brigham, Cockermouth, Cumbria – Cartcom’s Efficient Service

Cartcom, your trusted tech service provider in Cumbria, recently completed a notable callout for a gaming computer upgrade in Brigham, Cockermouth. This job highlights our commitment to efficient and specialized tech solutions in the region.

Efficient Response and Discovery

Our task began with a prompt response to a callout in Brigham. The mission was to upgrade a gaming computer, believed to initially have an outdated storage setup. However, upon inspection, our skilled team discovered a more advanced configuration: the computer was equipped with two NVME drives – a substantial 2TB drive and a 512GB drive running Windows.

Adaptive Approach and Customer Focus

The initial plan was to upgrade the 512GB NVME drive. However, we had to pivot our strategy when we identified the need for a specific type of NVME drive, different from the SSD in our inventory. Demonstrating our adaptability, we proceeded to install the available 2TB SSD as an extra storage unit, with plans to address the NVME upgrade later as per the customer’s preference.

Optimized Performance for Gaming Enthusiasts

Aiming to enhance the gaming experience, our recommendation to utilize the NVME drives was crucial. This tactical decision was geared towards leveraging the drives’ high-speed capabilities, ensuring the gaming system operated at peak efficiency.

Cartcom: Your Solution for On-Site Tech Needs

This callout in Brigham, Cockermouth, exemplifies Cartcom’s expertise in managing intricate gaming computer upgrades on-site. We pride ourselves on being the go-to service for gaming enthusiasts in Cumbria, offering quick, reliable, and expert solutions right at your doorstep.

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